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A Gateway to Getting Payments Right

Effective stewardship of taxpayer funds is a critical responsibility of the Federal Government.
This site is a window into Federal agencies progress toward improving the prevention and recovery of improper payments.
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Program Scorecards

The government can achieve the greatest return on investment for the taxpayer by ensuring that improper payments are mitigated in the highest-risk programs, otherwise known as "high-priority programs." In pursuing reforms, the government must balance its responsibilities for reducing improper payments with the goal of providing fast and accurate payments to millions of beneficiaries. Understand what agencies are doing to overcome unique challenges and obstacles.

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The Numbers

It is important to note that improper payments typically account for a small percentage of a program's total outlays. Data collected on improper payments is available for download. This includes data on rates, recoveries, dollar amounts, root causes, and more.

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Want even more information on improper payments? We have a list of useful improper payment resources, including agency specific data, laws, and implementing guidance.